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Marvin Cain goes to the 1943 Rose Bowl

"Half time Ucla Band" Courtesy of the Cain Family

“Half time UCLA Band” Courtesy of the Cain Family

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The Rose Bowl and parade has always been a big part of our lives because my Grandma Susie lived in Pasadena just a few miles from where the parade was held. She worked for Sears right there on Colorado Boulevard. We lived a half hour away and I have great memories of taking out of town relatives to the parade. There was a factory a block from our house and when the floats were taken from there to Pasadena the day before we got our own little preview of five or six of the floats. Then of course, during the Rose Bowl game our family would gather for the last of the New Year’s festivities and all watch the game together. Those are great memories, ones I cherish. So when I came across Mr. Cain’s pictures of the 1943 game it was really hit a nerve and I just had to research this game and put information to the pictures.

Because Pearl Harbor was bombed and the fear it caused the United States in 1941 PFC Cain along with the rest of the 110th Quartermaster Regiment were sent to help guard the coast of California. They left Camp Robinson, Arkansas 14 December 1941 and arrived in Northern California at Fort Ord 24 December 1941. Since a lot of the regiment was from Nebraska I am sure they kept tabs on the Rose Bowl that year because the Cornhuskers played the Sanford Indian’s. Sadly that year Sanford was the better team and took the win 21-13. I know at this time up the coast in Fort Ord Dad regiment was ordered to take the trucks up into the forest at night to hide in case of an attack by the Japanese. I know how cold he was as he slept in the truck with only one wool blanket. They were not ready for the cold weather of the coast was throwing at them. I am not sure they were able to sit around and listen to that game on the radio. Dad also tells how dark it was out there with the night sky hidden from the from the dark forest floor.

The regiment spent the next two years running men and supplies up and down the California Coast. The 1942 Rose Bowl game was played in North Carolina but:

According to Wikipedia

After the 1942 Allied victory in the Battle of Midway and the end of the Japanese offensives in the Pacific Theater during 1942, it was deemed that the West Coast was no longer vulnerable to attack, and the Rose Bowl game continued on in the Rose Bowl Stadium. Few Georgia fans were able to make the trip because of travel restrictions.[3] There were a large number of military servicemen in attendance.[4] The Tournament of Roses parade itself still was not held due to the war.[5] Due to the number of American servicemen stationed in Australia, the game was broadcast live on Australian radio.[6]

Mr. Cain found himself in Pasadena, California around this time and lucky for us he attended the 1943 game, saved his ticket, and took pictures. And God bless the Cain Family for sharing his memories so I can share them with you.They tell me Mr. Cain would not have wanted the attention. I know the same goes for Dad and most of the men from that generation. Thank goodness they preserved this improtant time in their lives through pictures so someone like me can preserve them for our families and the families of others who had family who were there.

"Georgia VS UCLA" Courtesy of the Cain Family

“Georgia VS UCLA” Courtesy of the Cain Family

He paid four dollars and with forty cents tax his total cost for admittance was a whole $4.40. Cain traveled through Tunnel 16 to Row 9 and sat in seat 18. The game was held on 1 January 1943 and kickoff was at 2:00 pm.

"Kick Off"  Courtesy of the Cain Family

“Kick Off” Courtesy of the Cain Family


It was a sunny 70 degrees when Georgia and UCLA met at the Rose Bowl that day. And Mr. Cain’s pictures chronicle the game.


"1st Quarter Ga on UCLA 10 Yard Line" Courtesy of the Cain Family

“1st Quarter Ga on UCLA 10 Yard Line” Courtesy of the Cain Family

First Quarter Score, Georgia 0, UCLA 0.


 "2nd Quarter UCLA on Ga 20 Yrd Line" Courtesy of the Cain Family

“2nd Quarter UCLA on Ga 20 Yrd Line” Courtesy of the Cain Family

Second Quarter Score Georgia 0, UCLA 0.


"3rd Quarter-Ga about to Score Again!" Courtesy of the Cain Family

“[4th] Quarter-Ga about to Score Again!” Courtesy of the Cain Family

According to Wikipedia:

Both teams went scoreless until the fourth quarter. The Bulldogs had 25 first downs to the Bruins’ 5. In the fourth quarter, the Bruins were backed up against the south goal line. Bob Waterfield attempted the punt 10 yards back from the line of scrimmage as was the custom at the time. The punt was blocked out of the end zone.

I could not find much information other than the above about that last quarter but scoring nine points Georgia would win the game 9-0. After not scoring in the first three quarters I bet that fourth had the crowd on their feet.

"Score Board" Courtesy of the Cain Family

“Score Board” Courtesy of the Cain Family



 "After the Game" Courtesy of the Cain Family

“After the Game” Courtesy of the Cain Family

Photo’s and memories shared by the Cain Family


  1. Thank you for sharing this precious story, Nancy. It hasn’t rained on New Year’s here in Los Angeles for decades and this photo proves it for 1943. It was especially poignant for me to see in the last photo all the men in uniform. Uniforms were proudly worn all over the nation. Today, with the shrinking military, it is rare you see a patriot in military gear – let alone dress.

    • The last one is my favorite because of all the soldiers seen. When I first saw these pictures I knew I had to share them. What a great memory the Cain’s allowed me to share. I feel so lucky!

      • Indeed you are, Nancy. Perhaps Lefty may not have wanted the attention but he must be awfully grateful…

      • Thank you Mustang Koji, that is all I have ever wanted, for him to be proud of me.

  2. I have some really old photos from the Rose Parade, but not the Rose Bowl. These are so interesting. My great-grandparents and then Grandparents lived in Pasadena, and we’re still right there in the area. I have a lot of questions about the Southern California coast post Pearl Harbor. My dad was a young boy but remembers so much and has told me stories from his memories, and my kids live in San Pedro and I see old bunkers and think that area was pivotal to some of the naval fleet, but I just haven’t been able to find out enough to piece it all together. You always give me just enough to keep me asking more questions. That’s the beauty of research! Thank you, Nancy!

    • Thank you! There was a lot going on on the Coast of Cali. These men were there for a year so there was a lot going on. My grandparents moved to Pasadena in 1942 and there are some letters from my Grandpop talking about how Pasadena was then. He talks about one night when he was in welding school and they had a blackout, air raid sirens and the spot lights were on. He and his fellow students walked home which they had a hard time getting there with all the air raid posts located in Pasadena. You see when there was a blackout they were not suppose to walk around so they got in trouble. A great peek into 1942 Pasadena!

      Here is a link to the chapter where you can read Pop’s letters

  3. Wishing you a Happy Easter HUGS

    • Thanks sweet soul. Same back to you!

      • 🙂

  4. Fantastic post, sir. Wonderful photos, thank you so very much for sharing these magnificent pieces. So much to think / talk about with this — the Rose Bowl football game, the distinctive American history on such vivid display. Thanks again.

    • Thank you so much. It has been my pleasure to remember my father’s division!

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