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Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second


 Dad Wrote "Bob and Ben Howard in the same crater" Mr. Cain wrote "1000 lb bomb crater dropped by US plane on 35th QM CO"

Dad Wrote “Bob and Ben Howard in the same crater” Mr. Cain wrote “1000 lb bomb crater dropped by US plane on 35th QM CO”

In a split second a 1,000 pound bomb was dropped on my father’s regiment. Two of his buddies, Bob Winter and Ben Howard are shown standing in the crater. A split second they did not think they would make it through. Here is what Dad says about it:

July 25 [1944] was the first big bombing the allies had in our sector. It also helped the breakthrough of St. Lo.  3600 of them and they all went over our area. One of them had engine trouble and unloaded his whole load of bombs and they hit all around us some within 200 yards of the area. Also in the same area we were bombed by the German’s but lucky us they missed by about 100 yards. Boy you should have seen some of the foxholes we were digging about then. 5 1/2 – 6 ft deep then we took brush and anything we could find and put them on the top and covered them with dirt until you could hardly see it and then we made our beds in it and there we slept, a moles life it was.

It’s weird that Dad makes no mention of the big bomb that was dropped. What Dad does not say here is one of the bombs that were dropped on them was dropped by a US plane. It was the biggest one as Mr. Cain writes on his photo, “1,000 lb bomb crater dropped by US plane on the 35th QM Co.” What would it have been like to be bombed by your own Army?

This was a split second that all of my father’s regiment made it through with no causalities. Someone was watching out for them.


  1. I agree they had a guardian angel. I wish all kids who play wargames the whole time on their computer would read posts like this. Maybe they would understand that war is no game…

  2. Doesn’t this just make you feel so vulnerable? Just knowing that your father was near this. Quite a photo!

    • Too close for my comfort. If this is the one he tells us about I can’t imagine what he does not say. Feeling grateful.

  3. A “split second” had a whole ‘nudder meaning to those in combat. It was the difference between life and death.

    • That is why I wanted to use this picture. In that split second God allowed my father to survive. Had he not I would not be here. I am blessed.

      • Indeed…. We all are.

  4. my Father Army 2nd Lt Ted Rowman killed in combat battle of nancy france
    10/15/1944 I am JoAnne

    • Joanne
      Thank you for stopping by. I am so lucky my father came home. Thank you for your father’s service, he certainly paid the ultimate price. I will say a prayer for you both. War is a nasty business I sure wish we did not have to loose so many to it. May your father rest in peace.

  5. Too close for comfort is right!! But it made a great picture!

  6. Wow, what an amazing story. And certainly illustrates the difference a split-second can make!

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