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The Suitcase, Chapter 4, National Guard

The Suitcase

Chapter 4

National Guard

On 15 March 1939 Adolf Hitler declared “Czechoslovakia has ceased to exist.(Wikipedia) This was a scary time for my mother’s family who came to America from Bohemia, which was part of Czechoslovakia. I am not sure that my Father knew how much this event would have affected my great grand parents had they still been alive. This was the land of their childhood. But this is why they migrated to the United States of America, so their children would have a chance to be successful. They still had family there and for them to hear it had ceased to exist must have been shocking to their children. What does that even mean, it ceased to exist? In my mind I see a big bomb crater on the map where it used to be.  At this time in their relationship I am not sure my father knew where my mother’s family originated. But my dad did not need that as a reason to fight for his country. He fought because it was the right thing to do and he would be proud when it was all said and done. I as his daughter am proud to say he was my father.

Frank Warta Sr. and Emile Podlipsky Warta, My Great-great grandparents

Interesting enough exactly one year from that first mention about the war, on 5 September 1940 my father volunteers in the National Guards, in Lexington NE. The Draft was set into motion at the end of September. There is no talk in the letters about what he did do in the National Guards other than drills and guard duty. What he leaves out is what they are guarding.

Lefty in the National Guard 1940

October of 1940 there are some clues of getting mustered into the army when in a letter dated 21 October 1940 (the day before he becomes 21) he writes, “Well as far as I know we have the 25th of November. I don’t know definitely yet. I was kinda glad at the thought of leaving at first. But now I am not so sure I will like it.” And two days later, on the 23rd he writes “I would sure like to come down before I go to camp, but I guess I can’t. I had my picture taken so I’ll send you another just to show you what I look like in a monkey suit.

Lefty in the National Guard 1940

The next letter that was written on 6 November 1940, I include in it entirety.

Dearest Vi,

Well we got home ok, not a bit of trouble. We got here about 11:30. That is to my brother-in-laws place.

I went to guard drill to-nite. We are leaving the 25th of Nov. Definitely. That is what they told us tonight. 

We didn’t go to work until noon today. Because the wind was blowing so bad. I should have written sooner but I was catching up on some sleep. I wonder why.

Only one thing wrong we couldn’t stay long enough.

I hope you can come up before we leave. Cause a whole year is sure going to be a long time away from you.
Well I guess I’ll have to close now and go to bed.

All my love


Remember I love you very much

Well there you go! It looks like they met and fell in love, or he really fell in love with her.

On 11 November 1940 he writes;

Dearest Vi,
Here are the pictures I finally got them. George hasn’t seen them yet. I haven’t seen him since we got back. I don’t know what’s the matter with him is. Please send these back and you can write on the back of each picture if you want it and how many you want. I’ll get them for you.

 A new order has come out and the date for leaving is postponed indefinitely. The hospital at Camp Robinson is not completed and we can’t go until it is. So I cannot tell you definitely when we go. They told us last Monday that we would leave for sure the 25th and then today is was different.

 I have been wishing a million times a day that I was back down there Cause I sure miss you. I’ll live in hope that I’ll get to see you before I go to camp.

All my love and Most of my kisses. (I have to save some for the baby)
 I still love you

Wait did I read that right? He has to save some for the baby??? What baby? Have they even kissed yet? Oh my! They have to be kidding each other. My mom is only 17 years old at this time and Dad just turned 21. He has been in the National Guards for a little over two months. I guess mom liked a man in a monkey suit.

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  1. Remember me? Lol. I’m the one who, like you has a tie to Nebraska…and a few other things in common. I am 1/2 Bohemian Czech. Father’s side all Bohunks. This is fascinating, this post.

  2. Thanks I had no idea when I started researching that there would be such a strong tie with Mom’s grand-parents. What would that have been like? Czechoslovakia ceased to exist?. Crazy……I do remember you. Thanks for stopping by.

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