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Refrigerator Oatmeal

When I first started crocheting my cousin told me about Pinterest and I have fell in love with the accessibility of recipes. This is about something I found that I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! This has become my favorite breakfast, snack, EVER!

Chocolate Whip's yogurt, Peanut butter and Banana's

Chocolate Whip’s yogurt, Peanut butter and Banana’s

I have always loved oatmeal but I hate the mess it makes to the pan and bowls. I just don’t enjoy it so I only ever eat instant. If you eat it you know it is good but nothing like a good bowl of cooked oats. I really wondered if these cups of oats would fill my oatmeal craving. I have to say it has totally quenched my appetite and it is delicious too. The possibilities for flavors are endless.

Everything you need

                Everything you need

Here is what you do. First go to a discount store and buy some one cup mason jars. This is the perfect size for the oatmeal.

There is not much to it, the recipe is easy.

¼ cup oats

¼ cup of yogurt

1/3 cup of liquid such as milk (I am using almond it has a better shelf life)


Spices to taste

Here is how;

The Jars

I bought 12 jars because it was cheaper. I spent seven dollars on them. Wash them all and find a place in the cupboard to store them. Because once you try this you are going to want them handy.

Oats and yogurt

                       Oats and yogurt

The oats

¼ cu: You can pretty much use any kind of oats from what I have heard. Steel oats are supposed to work fine and are probably healthier. I tried to cook some steel oats once and had to throw it out after burning the pan. If you got 3 minute oats they say you can eat them after an hour. Something like steel oats you are going to let them sit overnight. I have also been known to use granola. It is delicious!

The yogurt

¼ cup: I have used all kinds and I have not met one I don’t like yet. (Unusual for me) You can use flavored or plain. If you are trying to eat healthier get the healthy stuff. Our Winco carries a brand called Zoi. It is the only place that sells it and we don’t always get there so I have been known to use other brands and after melding overnight with the other ingredients it all seems good. I used a chocolate “Whip’s” (I added peanut butter and banana in this one) one time and I love the coconut with . . . don’t let me get away from myself. Use whichever kind you want.

Almond Milk

               Almond Milk

The liquid

1/3 cup: Once again use whichever kind you want. I use almond milk because it has a long shelf life, but milk is fine. Also if I am using canned or jarred fruit I may use half of the liquid amount, juice and half milk make sure it equals 1/3 of a cup.

The fruit

The possibilities here are endless. I have used fresh, frozen and canned, apples, bananas, peaches, pineapple (personal favorite), pears, fruit cocktail, strawberries, cherries and today a mango. I am not a fan of a mango but I have never had it like this so I am willing to try. Keep in mind the life of the fruit. If using say, a banana, don’t let it sit for days. I would eat that one the next day. You could probably eat it after two days but that is too long for my, yuck factor. I did use apples one time and was pleasantly surprised they were still crispy after two days. I have even seen pumpkin used. (I am looking forward to trying it so many possibilities so few breakfast’s. Cut all fruit in bite size, or smaller pieces I will usually put enough fruit in to bring the level in the jars to just below the lid threads on the jar.


To taste: I love using a bit of brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, and cinnamon, or be healthy and don’t use any. Just remember the spices get a bit stronger after sitting overnight. You can always add more so use less until you figure things out.


Some days I will use the sweetener as a topping but have also been known to crush up and top with a chocolate chip cookie. I would recommend if you want to put some granola on the top to do that right before eating to keep it crispy. You could also put some nuts in, if you are into them. I am thinking of using some cereal??? Did I mention the possibilities are endless?

Shake, shake, shake

                      Shake, shake, shake


First get the jars ready, you will need the lids for mixing. Place oatmeal, yogurt, liquid and sweetener in the jar. Put the lid on and shake to mix. Take the lid off and make sure those items are mixed well. You can either stir or shake more if needed. Add fruit and stir gently until combined. Add any toppings (unless you want them to be crispy then add just before eating.)



I make two days’ worth at a time. Place in fridge overnight. In the morning grab and enjoy. Mix before eating.

In the fridge overnight

                  In the fridge overnight

That’s it! It is easy and delicious.

Here are some links to recipes

Or you can go to a search engine and search for “Refrigerator Oats.”


  1. I tried some with Peaches once and Berries once at Nancy’s and they are both terrific – there are endless ways to create a healthy delicious snack or meal replacement – Hugs Nancy – David Smith

  2. What a great idea!

  3. This really sounds delicious! I would love to make this and take it to work with me in the morning. And I’m pretty addicted to Pinterest as well. I pin things a lot, but sometimes forget to go back and look at them! 🙂

    • My hubby takes one each day. He loves it as well. I love all the different combinations that you can make. I don’t tell my hubby what kind I make so it is always a surprise!

  4. Do you cook it to warm up or eat cold? Sounds delicious. Have to try it.

    • I eat them cold. I am not sure about heating them up. To tell you the truth I LOVE them cold so I never even thought about heating them.

      • Well I am always eager to try something new, cold oatmeal in jars. It sounds adventurous – basically I lead a dull life!! 🙂 This weekend off to the dollar store to pick up some jars. I can’t wait to try them.

      • They make me feel so adventurous. There are so many combinations. Today it was mango, with vanilla yogurt, almond milk. I put a dash of cinnamon on the top and brown sugar for sweetener. I can hardly wait until tomorrow! I really enjoy making them, and eating them. tehe

  5. thanks for a good idea! I accidentally bought almond milk yesterday (someone placed it between the common milk arrgh!) now I know what I will do :o)

    • I was afraid of the almond milk but if you add it in the oatmeal cup it is not yucky at all!

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