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My name is Nancy and I am not so fancy. I am fifty something and I love dogs. Right now I have four. I have blogged about some of them in my The Dogs Who Loved Me series. You can find those stories by clicking on that title in the categories of the right of this page.  I am lucky enough to have had many special dogs in my life.

I live in the High Desert of Southern California and I love that people don’t like the desert. That means more room for me.

Rainbow Basin, California

I use to lead historical four wheel drive trips in the East Mojave Desert. I love to tell stories about things that have happened in the past. I am disabled, so at this time in my life I have gone back to what I love. telling stories! My best friend asked me the other day, “So, do you consider your self a writer?” I had to stop and think a moment, then replied “No, I am a story teller, I love to tell stories.” For me if they are historic, that is all the more exciting. I hope to bring some of my desert stories here some day but that is MY history and now I have a story to tell about my fathers World War II days and someone suggested that I start a blog. So here I am.

In 2011 I found a suitcase of letters my father wrote to my mother starting in 1937 and embarked on a journey to learn who my father was as a soldier.  My father was friends with my mothers Cousin, George R. Vance and somewhere they met at a dance and began a pen-pal-ship that spanned from 1937 until my father returned from Europe in 1945. Not long after finding the letters I found 250 pictures my father had placed in a album from his time overseas. My hope was to record my father’s journey.

After three years of blogging the letter’s I completed the journey. Along the way I found documents and images that relates to Dad’s division the 110th Quartermaster Regiment, 35th Division. I found many family members that dad served with and with them sharing their mementos with me the 110th/35th QM Collection has grown from the original 250 pictures to over 1300 images.

I posted a chapter each week starting in February of 2012 for a total of 87 weeks. It was an amazing journey and I really got to know my dad as a Soldier. My dad’s story is not just about him but about all of the young men from small towns all over the USA who fought in World War II. His story is about everyday life in the 110th/35th Quartermaster. It is a love story I had not heard before. But I think most of all it is a part of history, the history of a young soldier who was in love. It is my honor to continue to honor the men of this Division on this blog and preserve their history.

Because I have found so many new images of the places they went during training I have decided to republish the story with new updated pictures. I have named the story and here you will find a link to the first chapter.

The Suitcase, my father’s journey through World War II

Through this journey I have become quite an expert on dad’s regiment and consider myself the unofficial historian.

If I can answer any questions feel free to contact me.

To those of you who have served our country, Thank You!

To those families who were a part of the 110th Company, 35th Quartermaster Division welcome it is for you I write.


  1. Looking forward to reading about the War stories, I love history, especially when there is a personal connection. Thanks for visiting my blog and the comments, you’re right we do have a lot in common.

  2. I too am a history fanatic and very much look forward to reading about your father’s saga . Thank you for sharing . PS ; I’m also 50 something , have two dogs and am new to this blogging business .

    • Thanks for stopping by and reading my fathers story. Every time I open one of the thousands of letters Dad wrote I thank God for allowing me to touch a piece of World War II History. It is an exciting ride and a side of my father I never knew. I am very thankful I can share his story with so many. God Bless and stay tuned!

      • What an amazing gift and how incredible that your father’s letters are so well preserved! Thanks for stopping by our site, and I’m very glad I stopped by yours! Thank you Nancy.

      • Yes most of them are still in the original ribbons Mom put on them. I hate to take them off but it is the only way to get to the letters, and she must have cut the ribbon ends off because I cannot get them back on. Oh well a small thing in the scheme of things. thanks again!

  3. I wish I had any writings of my family. This is great that you can share.

    • Thank you! When I first found they I did not realize what a gift I had been given. Now I thank God each day for this glimpse into my fathers life.

  4. This is absolutely wonderful! I look forward to reading!

    • Thank you so much for reading! I look forward to bringing you more!

  5. I was fascinated to see the similarity between our two WW2/family history blogs. Its such a treasure what they left behind in terms of journals, photos and souvenirs. My step-father was also in Anti-Aircraft artillery. If you’re interested, it’d be fascinating to compare their experiences. I’m also curious about how much history you’ve learned along the way. Thanks for stopping by Al’s War, too.

    • Thanks for stopping by and yes we are so lucky and thank goodness we have the technology to share it and find others on the same path of discovery we are. My father was actually a truck driver with the 110th Quartermaster Battalion, then 35thQM attached to the 35th Infantry when they went overseas. He was only transferred into the AAA when they disbanded the QM Battalion in ’45. At that time he was transferred into the 448th AAA.I cannot wait to read more of Al’s journey! I would love to compare experiences. The approach I am taking is if Dad talks about it in his letters I search for basic historical info on what he discusses. I am relearning history of the war from a whole new perspective. Keep up the good work, people need to know what these hero’s live through.
      God Bless!

  6. Your information is so interesting. Your approach is similar to mine. I chronologically have gone through his journal entries, and then researched what was going on with the war at that point, then looked for his photos to back up the tale and souvenirs he might have. After V-E Day, he ends up in the Quartermaster group until he’s sent home. I am just learning about the quartermaster tasks for the next post. I am embarassed by how much I didn’t know about the war. Thanks for reaching out. Your writing style makes your blog an easy and enjoyable read. Thanks.

    • Thank you as is yours. Who knew we would get so tangled up in the facts of a war we have only heard about? Let me know which QM Group he ends up in. It is a long shot but who knows?? BTW My dad drove a truck for the QM.

  7. Your blog is a bit up my alley as well. I like to reminisce and have some memories of that last terrible world war. I was born a couple of months after the bombing of Rotterdam in The Netherlands but our family moved here to Australia in 1956…
    Thank you for looking at my blog.

  8. Hi Nancy. What a nice blog. Interesting stories… Looking forward to other chapters.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read it. It is truly a labor of love. Also a great way to honor my father and the men he served with.
      God Bless

  9. What a beautiful tribute to you father, Nancy. I look forward to watching the rest of the story unfold.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read it. It is for people like you I write!
      God Bless

  10. Thhanks for doing this for a vet. My dad was in WII also, severely wounded. Now he is gone, and I have no letters with which to remember him. But I remember his works, which were unbelieveable. Cheers!

    • Thank you for taking time to read it. I hope that those of you who do not have letters can read my fathers and relate what it was like for your father. I am sorry to My father has been gone since 2001. It has really been a way for me to know what he was like when he was younger!

      God Bless and thank you for your fathers service

  11. Nancy: This is a wonderful blog & both my mother and i are looking forward to reading more about your father’s experiences. Thank you for visiting our blog, Mood Indigo, and “liking” some of the posts. It’s a relief to know that there are others out there working on similar projects. MIndigo

    • Thanks for linking! You also have some interesting information on your page. I cannot wait to explore!

      Happy Mothers day to your Mom!

      God Bless

  12. Nancy: & ps. we’ve linked to your blog. MI

  13. Hi Nancy, thanks for stopping by to read my book club blog http://winewomenandword.wordpress.com
    I enjoyed reading your blog, the WWII stories as well as the craft related posts. Enjoyed the photos as well.

    • Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed yourself. God Bless

  14. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog and of course for introducing me to yours. Wow, all those letters in your possession, how wonderful. I’m very much look forward to spending some time reading through the posts and learning more 🙂

    • thanks is really is a labor of love. But because I am loosing my memory it is like I am learning about Mom and Dad all over again! lol Thank goodness I know the end of the story!

  15. Thanks for liking my post! Come back to The Tenderfoot soon!

  16. Nice blog! And what a treasure trove those letters are! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  17. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post 🙂

  18. Hei Nancy, See you dropped by my blog. Thanks. Some good material that you have here and I like your Ocean Mist theme. Seems more readable than the one I chose.

  19. Thanks for liking my post! When I saw the name of your blog, I thought for sure that you were my mom and that she had started blogging again! Her name is also Nancy, and sometimes she likes to go by “Fancy Nancy.” Her father (my grandfather) died a year ago today, and her profile pictures are often of his army photo. Imagine my surprise when I discovered you are not her, but are still quite similar!
    I will definitely show your blog to her as soon as I can! I’m sure she’ll love the pieces you’ve written. She’s fascinated with her father’s wartime medals and other such items.
    This is a great idea for a blog you’ve got here. Please keep it up. : )

    • Wow! that is quite funny! I am glad you liked my blog and I cannot wait to see what Fancy Nancy thinks….lol

  20. Hi Nancy, thanks for checking out my blog. You’re so lucky to have those letters and this blog is such a warm way to honor your dad. Where did he serve? My dad served in Okinawa and was there when they dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. Then I had the opportunity to live in Okinawa for over a decade and to really learn the history and get a true feeling for all he went through. I just wish he would have been able to visit me. He died in ’02 and even though I got there in ’99 he was unable to travel.

    • My father was in European Theater Operation. He was a truck driver so he drove all over. I know that the letters were censored when he was there so I am not sure how much he was able to tell. He did not talk about the war so this venture is all new to me. I hope you will join us as we uncover what he had to say when he was overseas. All the pictures I found are all from over there. We are only in 1943 so we have more training before he goes over. He passed away in 2001 so really I am winging it.

      Thanks for stopping by and check back soon!

  21. Sounds extremely interesting, Nancy. Good for you for doing it. I will definitely be back. My dad was a World War II vet so I have a soft spot for veterans. He passed away 1 1/2 years ago at 84.

    • I also have a found spot in my heart for veterans. What I have found with all the families of soldiers of WWII they did not talk much about the war. In these letters I am finding out a lot about my father I did not know (he was kind of a hoodlum! lol) I feel like it is my duty to take these treasures and pull the history out so that others whose fathers did not talk about it, can get an idea of the whole experience of training and serving in WWII. I am so glad you will join us! Thank you!

  22. It’s wonderful that you are taking the time for this project. As Baby Boomers, all of us know family who participated in at least one of the World Wars. I’m glad you found my blog: http://www.babyboomersandmore.com and I appreciate your “Likes” to my articles. Thank you for finding me – I’m glad I found you!

    • Thanks it is hard some days then I find someone like you who appreciates what I am doing and it makes it all worth it.

  23. Nancy,
    How exciting to see your blog topic! How did you find me? I think we have this story in common and can help each other. How many others have done the same? I havent even checked. A daughters take on it is a diff slant. Tomorrow I’ll be online and will be going to your site. Thanks so much for reading my post. It was sort of rough draft really but I just wanted it in there tonight as I am going to see my dad tomorrow to show him that it’s started. I look forward to chatting soon. Thanks again.

    • When I saw your letter I could not put it down until I read it all. I am doing mine chronologically and am only in 1943, Dad is still in training and has not yet gone overseas.

      I found you by using the reader and the topic World War II. There are a handful of us who are preserving WWII letters. That is the first place I check each morning.

      You are so lucky that you still have your father here. You need to get a recorder and tape his memories. Mine passed in 2001. I have so many questions I would ask him to see what I might learn. There are so many memories that are lost because I didn’t start until now. But I also don’t believe it was time then. Now I am disabled and cannot work so I can put my soul into it.

      Please thank your father for his service. Let me know how I can help you in your journey.

  24. Thanks for stopping by. Boscoe, our best pal is also a shelter rescue and he’s the greatest.
    Ruth from At Home on the Road

    • Thanks for stopping by my page. All mine have been rescues. I think that is the best breed ever!

  25. Thanks for taking a look at my blog, Animal Connections. Like you, I’m an animal lover- especially dogs. My next post, tomorrow I think, will be a tribute to my dog, Hobbes, that we lost 2 weeks ago. Also like you, I’ve always had tremendous respect for those who’ve served! As a matter of fact, I give a discount to members of the armed forces, law enforcement, and firefighters- and owners of rescue animals as well! Just a way for me to say thanks!

    • My Chocolate lab was a therapy dog, you can find pictures on my blog of him in his costumes. I lost him in 2008, but he will never be forgotten. There will be more to come! I cannot wait to meet Hobbes! I am sorry for your loss but know what it feels like. It is good for us to honor them to remind us how blessed we were to have them in our lives.

  26. Thank you for dropping by and reading my post about Memorial Days at Riverside National Cemetary. I live in Southern California, too, and besides your dogs, WWII has had an impact on my life. My father was blinded in the war at the age of 20. I appreciate knowing about your blog and will follow it. I hope you will follow me, too.

    • Thanks YOU for stopping by.

      I am sorry to hear about your father. 20 is quite young to loose your sight. Thank you for his service does not seem enough.

      It is 1943 in my story and Dad still has not made it overseas. He has been serving since 1940.

      I am very glad they are now finding out about and are dealing with PTSD. I know my father suffered from it although he never complained. It was a long time before he did not roll off the bed and under it when a plane flew over.

      God Bless

  27. I look forward to reading more…

    • Thanks for stopping by! I cannot wait to hear what you think! God Bless

  28. Hi, Nancy — Glad you visited my blog! Thanks for the Like and the comment. What a wonderful gift you have with these letters. I’ll be reading along.

    • Great to have you aboard! If we don’t preserve what we have been given who will? Thanks for coming over and liking what I am doing! I do it for my Dad, the men he served with and their families. I am blessed!

  29. What a tribute to your father and the men he served with. I will look forward to reading your blog and your father’s stories. My dad served with the Third Army under Gen Patton during the war and I have always been interested in WWII – the men who served and the women who stood with them doing their part on the home front. Blessings ~Patty~
    PS Thank you for liking my blog…our Hooligans keep us entertained and full of stories so I will be writing more about them. I will look forward to reading the stories of your dogs.

    • Thank you for taking time to read my blog and thank you for your fathers service. They were the “Greatest Generation.” Their leaving us fast and it is up to us to preserve their memories.

      I love dog stories too!

  30. Hi Nancy, I’ve nominated you for the Creative Chaos Award and here is the link http://denobears.wordpress.com/2012/05/28/creative-chaos-award-2/. You don’t have to accept it but I wanted you to know that I think your blog is great. Congratulations!

  31. hahah…love that you don’t mind the desert, since less people are there, my kinda gal. 🙂


    • Good Catch! lol no one else has noticed so I would say you were my kind of gal too! lol

  32. What a wonderful idea for a blog. I look forward to learning more.

    • Thanks it has been interesting to say the least!

  33. Thank you for visiting and liking my post. You have a really interesting blog! I love dogs too. We have one. 🙂

    • And thanks for stopping by and liking my About. Happy tails!

  34. I am so excited to have found your blog about your fathers journey in WWII. I found it by following your like of my 554th blog (Vietnam). It apppears that as daughters of veterans we both desire to share history; only different era’s. Thanks for stopping by and thank you for sharing your fathers stories as well. Tania

    • I kind of feel like it is up to me to preserve what my father did not talk about. Thanks for stopping by! My daughter’s name is Tania too! lol

  35. A great concept for a blog and a lovely tribute to your father. Thank you for following my blog and for “liking” my posts. I will be back!

    • Your pictures of the homestead homes are right up my alley! I live in the high desert and use to lead historical 4×4 trips in the East Mojave and have seen such homes! Love your work!

      • Thank you, Nancy! I would have loved to have taken one of your tours. I absolutely love the desert and find that area in particular to be fascinating. 🙂

      • I would have loved to have taken you! There is so much great history out there.

        God Bless!

  36. OMG in the book that I have between my head and the paper on which I write myself memories I have dedicated a VERY LONG chapter on the dogs who loved me as much as I did them, you and I kindred spirits, I too love the west and high desert ! Looking forward to THURSDAYS thanks for reading about JT

    • OMG we really must be kindred spirits I (pretend) to make jewelry. But I do a lot of crafty things. I have a lot of my early dogs stories written but they all need to be updated, With my fathers story on the front burner I have to be strict with my mind. It is too easy to get distracted and I really need to finish his story before I move on to my dogs. Great to meet you and look forward to seeing your work!

  37. Same here!
    I have Grandmother’s cook book too I am doing lol gues it was up to us to get it done!
    Have a great week!

    • Agreed but I don’t think I signed up for this! lol Great to meet you, Eunice

  38. What a great idea to post your father’s letters! Thanks for sharing that personal history and for stopping by our blog. Do you still do historical tours of the desert occasionally? We’d love to learn more sometime.

    • We still travel in the desert, but not scheduled tours. We also had some of the land preserved and there are a lot of historical places we are not allowed to go anymore as they are designated as wilderness. I don’t get it but it is what it is. It was sad to loose some of the historical places.

  39. Thank you for taking a look at my page. I’ll return to read more. All the best.

  40. I’m so excited to have found your blog! I’m a history teacher and I love studying WW2!!

    • That is the best new I have had all day! Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!

  41. I like that you identify yourself as a storyteller. I say I’m a writer, but in truth, I’m a storyteller like you. Everyone has a story, like your father, and the stories of those who served in WWII are especially precious. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    • Ah! Kindred souls! Thanks for stopping by here too!

  42. Wow, I am in awe at reading your blog. Such history and an amazing journey. Thank you for sharing. I’m live in South Africa and you have captivated me. Would ypu mind me linking your blog on my blogroll – I would love to share your stories. Hugs.

    • Thank you so much! I would be honored for you to share my blog. The comments I get here really keep me going. I can feel my dad’s happiness and how proud he is. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!

  43. I love your blog so much, so today I’m sharing the Reader Appreciation Award with you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the world! 🙂 http://lazyhippiemama.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/inspiring-blogger-reader-appreciation-awards/

    • Wow! thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words and the award! I would like to thank the academy and my father for leaving me the letters! God Bless

      • You are very welcome. 🙂

  44. Nancy, much appreciate your recent visit and like. I’m retired from the Army – but your dad and my dad have WWII in common. So, that time is important to me. Well done, Nancy. (See my post – 25th Anniversary: US Army Retired 01 FEB 1987 – when I was a young soldier!) Reading and enjoying your site.

    • First and foremost thank you for your and your fathers service. I may say it many more time because I don’t think it can be said too much. I cannot wait to read the recommended post. In fact I am on my way over.

      God Bless

  45. Great blog! Thank you for stopping by mine, now giving me the opportunity to follow yours. Take care!

    • Thank you so much. I am glad you like it and am happy your going to join us. Yea!

  46. I think this blog you’re writing is incredible Nancy. For my father, WWII was life changing. He met my mom, an army nurse, in Persia during the war. Together they told the most amazing stories. Even now, at 92, my mom shares stories about that time that are new to us. What a treasure you have in those boxes of photos and letters. This blog is a great way for you to honor your father and all veterans and service members.

    Thank you for visiting my blog! 🙂

    • And thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I am now considering comments hugs, so I have been hugged once again! Thanks lol

    • What a wonderful story about your Mom and Dad. I would have loved to hear some of their stories. Thanks for the kudos! Since I am considering comments hugs these days Thanks for the hug! lol

  47. Thanks first of all for visiting my blog! I bookmarked your page because I want to keep up with your posts about your dad. Those times must be kept alive for us to appreciate what we have 😄

    • I couldn’t have said it better. We must never forget.

  48. I’m looking forward to catching up on your WW stories. It’s been a long day at work tonight and I spent a lot of time checking out people’s blogs that I got from your site……the awards nominees. Found a few I liked too. Thanks for checking out my own blog.

    • Thanks for stopping by and I am glad you are joining me for Dad’s journey!

      I am also a rock hound, and collect crystals and stones. I wrote a post on my rock hound lineage in “Three Generations.”

      Look forward to seeing you around!

  49. Couldn’t you just eat Mr. Rollie Fingers on a cracker? Thanks for swinging by our “wildness”. I don’t know what I’d do without the fabulous chaos! Keep rescuing those poor pooches out there!

  50. Hi Nancy, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award, here is the link
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  51. Nancy, I saw your dad’s photo (your gravatar) on http://somethingfathappened.wordpress.com/2012/06/13/fluffed-and-folded/ and I clicked on the gravatar to see your blog, but it wasnt there. You can put a link to your blog on your gravatar so that when someone is clicks on your gravatar photo, they can easily find your blog.
    -I had to google you to find you.
    Hope this helps. Kathleen.

  52. I love your blog@ I have also been inspired by my father and some of his writings and the few stories he told us about the war (WWII and Korea).

    • Thank you~ How lucky are we that we have fathers who inspire us?

  53. Thank you, Nancy for stopping by Paper, Mud and Me. I too like history which i why I write historical novel, based on facts. The next two books that I have coming out soon are based on the stories I heard from the “Old Timers” some of whom were the first whites in that part of Africa.
    Thanks again. I will be following yours. ;~}

  54. Thanks for looking at my post. Like you I enjoy history and storytelling and I’m going to enjoy reading of your fathers War adventures.

  55. Nancy, I’m just a little confused and couldn’t find a place to email you so am putting a comment here. Don’t approve it and make it public so people see how ignorant I am of these things. 🙂 Anyhow, your post on my blog said you nominated me for the Sunshine Award, but on your page it says Lovely Blog. Instructions are different for each one. Though I’ve been blogging a while, I haven’t spent much time “out in the community” and am just now discovering other blogs to read. So, it may take me a week before I find some I want to nominate. Is that all right? I am very proud that you enjoyed my blog enough to nominate me, but a bit flustered about doing it right. I may have to back up to WordPress home and try to find out about these blog awards because I never heard of them before. SIGH……..I’m such a newbie.

    • We are all newbies at one time or another. I am sorry I do want you to have the One Lovely Blog award because your jewelry and dogs are so lovely. If I can help in any way.

  56. Hi Notsofancynancy!
    Thanks for liking my post on BLDG 77 @ the Brooklyn Navy Yard on http://architecturama.wordpress.com. Stay turned for more posts about the Yard’s history!

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    • Thank you so much! It means so much and I know Dad is up in Heaven smiling! I just just finished a post accepting two other awards but I will get to it when we get back from camping! Thank you for your support!

  59. […] Lovely Blog Award I have received a BLOG award! From fellow blogger notsofancynancy, it is “One Lovely Blog […]

  60. Nancy, thanks for the nomination for the “One Lovely Blog Award” This is like Christmas in June~~~ I have completed my obligations for the award and just posted at http://wp.me/p2pHfr-7m Thanks again and God Bless. PS: This is my second award nomination. My first nomination was for the “Sister Blog Award”. After much consideration and trying to fit into those women’s jeans, I had to graciously decline…..

  61. Great concept and can’t wait to read more. And thanks for visiting mine!

  62. Hey thanks for wandering by and liking “Happy Fourth of July — I Remember.” I love the idea behind your blog and am just a tad jealous that you have such artifacts as your Dad’s letters and pictures to help you along. I am not a history buff, but Prince Charming is, and he hopes to write about his Dad one day, too. I will pass along your blog to him, and look forward to exploring yours myself! :>

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and the great compliments. Also for giving your prince a heads up on my blog. I hope you all enjoy it. I hope you come back soon!

  63. Thank you so much, really….for visiting and liking. I see you are like me. Not so fancy and happy being so. I look forward to posts from you !!

    • Thank you so much, yes not so fancy and it doesn’t bother me one bit! lol Come back soon!

  64. Wow! I’ve always been curious about WWII and how it affected people. I’ve watched movies and all but it’s just not the same. I’m so happy to have come across your blog and grateful that you are sharing the contents of your father’s letters with us. Thank you.

    • Thanks for finding me! I hope you will stop by again real soon. I am really trying to get the historical stuff written, but I can’t help but include his feelings and right now he is so in love with my mom. It is nice to see that side too.

      • You are so fortunate to have his letters. It will be an honor to read about his feelings too and how he personally was during that time. Thanks again for sharing. I’ll be stopping by again very soon.

  65. This is fabulous! I will love following your blog and your Father’s adventures. I am so glad you visited my blog and liked a post so that I could discover you and your writing. I look forward to your posts 🙂

    • Wow Thank you so much and welcome aboard! I am so happy to have you along. WooHoo I have a new friend.

  66. IT is great to see someone else writing about the military. I love to read about it from the past, since I am currently in the Army. I will be on the look out for more of your postings!

    • Welcome and I hope you enjoy yourself. I also like reading about present day military. Some things never change. Thank you for your service.

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    • And thanks for the return visit. Loved the dog picture you had there.

  68. Looking forward to reading your writings and keeping the stories alive.

  69. Hi, thank you for visiting my blog and I totally love the pic on your homepage. 🙂 Hope you visit again soon. I’m open 24/7! Namaste, Joie

    • And thanks for the return visit. I hope you found something interesting here.

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  72. Hi notsofancynancy! Firstly thank you so much for taking the time to visit our blog we really appreciate it…and I love the name of your blog..did you know that when I adopted my little rescue dog Scout she came with the name Nancy and her nick name now at times is Fancy Nancy! I also love the idea of writing about the wartime stories of your father through his eyes using all the family archives and letters…my grandfather was in WW1 and we also have an archive of photographs and documents from that time..very precious…and love the dogs

    • Thank you for the return visit. I have a few things from my grandfathers days in WWI, not much though. A couple of pictures is all. Thanks for the kind words and take care of Fancy Nancy! lol

  73. Thank you for reading Tuck the Law Dog’s blog about the tragedies at the
    Boggs Mountain Humane (not so humane) Shelter, Rabun County, Georgia.
    More and more revelations are surfacing. So sad all these dogs had to die. Take care, and, Tuck the Law Dog thinks you are “fancynancy”!!

    • It is a sad sad state of affairs and thanks to Truck!

  74. I’m so excited to read more of your work!!

    • Welcome aboard! Glad to have you here. If you have any questions certainly let me know!

  75. I was so surprised to see that someone I don’t know contacted my blog. It
    is only about three weeks old. It was started after I published my humor book, “Ticked Off And Tickled About it.” The blog I posted on July 31 has a list of blog subjects to come. My father was in World War One, but he was 17 years older than my mother so I was ten years old when World War II began. I have 81 years of history behind me, but no family in WWII. My husband was in the Korean War. Please visit my blog and join in with comments.

    • And thanks for the return visit. You blog looks fun!

  76. I just wanted to stop by to say thank you for liking my posts.

    You have a truly wonderful blog, very interesting, I apologize for not getting over here sooner. I look forward to reading more!

    • And thanks for the return visit. I love your dogs but that is not hard as I love all dogs! lol

  77. good morning California! Thanks for stopping by and liking one of my posts, am already hooked on your story telling ^-^
    all the best from [not so sunny] North Wales (UK)
    Mrs B

    • Good Morning Mrs. B! thanks for the return visit and I am glad you like my story telling. It is going to be a hot sunny day in the High Desert of So Cal, as usual.

  78. Thanks for stopping by the farm and liking “And their off!”

    My Grandad was a WWII vet, POW and survivor of the Bataan Death March. I understand the pride you have in your Dad and his service to our nation. Keep up the good work of preserving his story!

    God Bless… 🙂


    • And thanks to you for the return visit. And thank you for your grandfathers service. I am glad he was a survivor!

  79. Hi how are you? I wanted to give this award to you for the beautiful posts you write but you already have one posted 😦 can you get more than one I am new to this so do not know all the ropes but you and I could have been sisters and you have not even heard my REAL Story So feel the LOVE and I will try to find one to give to you that you have not already posted 🙂

    • You can never have too many sisters, in my book! lol Thanks for the kind thoughts, Sis!

      • 🙂 I never had a real one so I can only imagine how awesome it would be 3 little brothers were my lot in life.

        I love my dogs more than life it’s self and would go with out everything to put food in their mouthes and a warm place beside me. I guess those us us who share our world with our pets feel as we do and others would never entertain the thought of a messy pet. Glad you are out there loving them as I do up here. xo

      • Same here sis! I cannot imagine my life without them. They keep me going everyday and are my reason for getting up in the morning and yes I would go without to get them whatever they need, and have. lol

  80. Hi Nancy! Thanks for visiting Pirates and Pulsars. I had grandfathers serve in both WWI and WWII. I was fortunate enough to record a few hours of my paternal grandfather re-telling some of his stories from WWII before he passed. Best regards and keep up the great work.

  81. Thanks for stopping by Gunsmoke and Knitting. Your historical tours of the desert sound fascinating. I hope to take one some day. In the meantime – keep the stories alive!

    • And thanks for the return visit! Happy Trails!

  82. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my picture. Your letters are fantastic. It makes the war seem so real. I went on a hunt for information about my great uncle who died in WWII and connected with some of his shipmates who wrote me letters. A few even sent me pictures of him while they were stationed together in Hawaii, etc. It was a very moving experience for me. He was so young, only 19, when he died. It definitely was the “greatest generation.”

    • Thanks for the return visit and for following me. I am sorry you lost your uncle so young. It was a hard time for these young men. I would love to read about your uncle if you ever decide to do a post on him! Thank you for his service and God Bless

  83. Greetings from Palmcaster. 🙂

  84. Thanks for reading my post today about W in Milwaukee. I’m in my 50’s as well and have a husband and am trying to raise a nearly 9 year old dog who has no hips! It was a blessing today to meet this veteran and I’ve had nurses and police running around (I’ve thanked them all) only to find that he likes to go the storage space next door and look through his stuff. I’d like to find out his address so I can perhaps lead him toward his home one day, but until then folks in the neighborhood are all looking out for him. Love the picture of your father and will check out his letters! Dee

    • How awesome that you would take on such a challenging animal. But I really believe that the dogs who overcome such challenges make the best friends.

  85. I look forward to reading your dad’s stories, it’s great to keep these stories alive. I am from Holland and my nan and granddad were in their 30’s during the war. Their stories are amazing and some are heartbreaking. There is a lot we can learn from the experiences of people living in these awful times.

    • Yes we need to preserve this era, I think that it is up to our generation to do what we can. I am so glad that I found this forum to be able to do that and get the support I need to keep me going. It is comments like yours that make it worth it. Thank you

  86. Glad to be connected with a fellow tour guide. I led tours for nine years in Texas and then it grew too big. I understand your love of story-telling. That’s what we do as tour guides. Today I tell Texas tales to groups and write Texas stories. I look forward to reading your dad’s stories.

    • Great to meet you! Thanks for stopping by and reading my father’s stories.

  87. I lost two uncles in WWII – our family was never the same. Your father probably never realized what precious gifts those letters would become to you.

  88. Wow Nancy, my Dad was a WWII vet too. I’m looking forward to following you and hopefully catching up on past posts. When I read about you I had kind of an emotional reaction. I think because I have so many questions and gaps about what my Dad went through. Your so lucky to have the letters!

    • Welcome aboard! Even with the letters I find I have so many questions. But it is certainly interesting learning about Dad and what he went through. Was your Dad in the Army? Did he go to Europe? Dad enlisted the end of 1940 and is still training in the end of 1943. I know he will go over soon, just not sure when. Thanks for joining us! It was meant to be! lol

  89. Hi Nancy! I really like your blog. It’s very clean and well-written. I will come back and read more later. Thank you for visiting mine and liking “Help! My Computer Crashed” post. Take care!

    • And thanks for the return visit! Have a wonderful day.

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    • Why thank you!

      • You are very welcome.

  91. Congrats Nancy!

  92. Thanks for dropping by my blog. 🙂 I will checkback when I have the time to read about the history in your blog. 🙂

    • Thanks for the return visit! I hope you enjoy following me! Thank you so much!

  93. sounds like a very interesting life. thank you for dropping by my site 🙂

  94. I’ve nominated you for the “One Lovely Blogger Award”.

    I read many stories, blogs on WordPress, many I find motivating and inspiring, others insightful, plenty that I get a good laugh out of, and many showcasing their part of the world through photography.

    I certainly enjoy reading yours.


    Cheers, The Landy

  95. This is great. Thanks

  96. Hello 🙂 I’ve nominated you for a One Lovely Blog award at http://tebogondlovu.wordpress.com/ 🙂

    • Wow thank you so much! I am honored!

      • You’re welcome 🙂

  97. What a great idea for a blog, reading your father’s war letters. Really interesting!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much and welcome aboard! We are glad to have you along.

  98. Thanks for checking out my website. God bless you and hope to see you around more! You might also like my other site, http://PromiseBook.net

  99. Thanks for visiting my site (Cizewski, Lovetere, Musbach, & Robinson Families: Additions and Updates to History Pages) and liking my most recent post, (WWII Signal Corps Artifact: Story of the Central Signal Corps Replacement Training Center).

    Looking forward to reading your blog. I’ve got 30 chapters to catch up!

    • Thanks for the return visit. I enjoyed reading your post. Awesome you were about to put the whole book on your post. Very cool!

  100. Hi, sweet Nancy. We are looking forward to when you share about your dogs. Thank you for stopping by to visit us today. Those historical drives sound interesting. Hugs and nose kisses from Chancy and me.

    • Hi Chancy and Mumsy Thanks for the nice note.

  101. Thanks for visiting my blog: The Adventure of Art and liking it. We love dogs at our house too. My husband used to take tours to Canyonlands and surrounds. Same sort of terrain. Will be reading your blog.

  102. Please go to my blog to receive an award!

  103. Hi, Nancy, thank you for liking my blog post, Canyonlands, the Maze (I’ve already found a few minor changes I need to make). Very nice blog you’ve got; really like the Yoo-Hoo story.

    • Thanks for the return visit, Don. We went to Canyonlands on our honeymoon and I must say it is a magical place. Sadly they would not allow us into the canyons because we had our dogs with us. I love your photos of the pictographs/petryogliphs (not sure which they are). I have many pictures of them from all over our desert here in Cali and other places. Thanks for reading about the Yoo Hoo incident it was a story told to us as a bedtime story it is nice to hear others like it.

  104. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my Weekly Photo Challenge post – Silhouetter.

  105. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post. Renee 🙂

    • And thanks for the return visit!

      • You are so welcome.:)

  106. This is another blog, where I set the computer on scroll to reach the bottom of the comments page! I did the laundry, washed the cat, fixed dinner and by the time I came back it had reached the bottom of your comments page!
    I am addicted to WWII non-fiction and a first person narrative, unpublished? I’m in. Can’t wait to start digging in! What a great concept.

    • Why thank you! I am so lucky to be able to have this forum to be able to share it. Let me know if you have any questions!

  107. Love your concept for a blog. Love the desert too….. Keep it up!

  108. What a fascinating idea for a blog, and don’t you meet some interesting people through their dogs! Thanks for liking my blog and I look forward to reading more of yours!

  109. HI Fancy Nancy! I am back, but incognito this time around. You followed me before, I may be good enough to follow now. Can you guess who I am?

    • Well your name is on this post but it does say your site is no longer available. You will have to let me know where your new blog is so I can follow you! It will be interesting to see!

  110. hi fancy nancy…
    i love dogs too. but live in a tiny house in mumbai, india and there is no space for them… and they definitely deserve more space!
    i love storytelling. and i grew up on my mom telling me stories spun out of her imagination about so many different things.
    what a great idea for a blog.. all the best and may you always tell the best stories!
    thanks for liking my post, as that made me come here and discover your blog! 🙂

    • Hi! the stories from our parents told are the best! Dad was a story teller too. Thanks for the return visit.

  111. I love dogs too, plus just about every other animal. What would our world be like without them?

    • I am not sure I want to find out what it would be like without them! I would be so lonely!

  112. Thanks for visiting my site. I am running around chasing my tail in delight. Love your stories.

    • Thank you so much! And thank you for the return visit!

  113. Thank you for following my blog! I have been looking for other bloggers with similar stories and a pile of letters from WWII. 🙂

    • Thanks for the return visit and follow. I have a mountain of letters! lol Can’t wait to compare letters! I will be reading!

      • It sounds like you are a bit ahead of me. I’m just at the end of May 1942. I’ll also be including my grandmother’s letters. They don’t begin until the end of July 1942. 🙂

      • In 1942 Dad was sent to the coast of California from Camp Robinson Arkansas. With a little divine intervention Mom’s Dad came to California to become a welder in the shipyards and settled In Pasadena. I have some letters that Pop wrote to Mom when he was out here going to school. He talks about blackouts and an unauthorized plane that came over land which scared them because Pearl Harbor just happened. I could go on but it is all in the other chapters.

  114. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog which led me back to yours. How amazing to have those letters, how much incredible history. Thank you for sharing, its so wonderful. My father kept a diary of his time in the South Pacific which sadly was only found after his death last year along with some photos. As you’ve shown, personal history is invaluable!

    • I also found the letters after Dad passed. I wish I had them before as I have so many questions I would ask. I know he would be proud of the work I have done but then I wonder if he would like to have his private thoughts shared. Thanks for the return visit.

  115. Thank you for your visit to my Mindful 4 (Jan Post).
    My father-in-law (and other relatives on hubby’s side) were in WWII. It was not something he (or they) talked about much. And we didn’t even get to open Dad’s ‘war chest’ until after he died. Not sure if that was his or his wife’s choice. So many unanswered questions.

    We are all differently-abled. Thank you for writing down and sharing your memories through storytelling.
    Happy New Year.

    • Thanks for the return visit! My father did not talk about the war either. I have learned so much from his letters. I just wish he was around to answer the many questions I now have. Thanks for the great comment!

  116. I have nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award! If you would like to accept here’s the link to my post: http://sarahryan85.wordpress.com/2013/01/06/a-whole-new-year-ahead/

  117. I am so glad to have found this blog! I’m looking forward to reading the chapters. I love the title of your blog as well! 🙂

    • Wow! Thank you so much! It really means a lot. I am working on transposing letters and some days it becomes overwhelming. Your words gave me the push I needed to get it done!

  118. Thanks for visiting my blog, Nancy. You are a lucky woman to have these letters.

    • Thanks for the return visit! I feel blessed to have them!

  119. Just to let you know, I’ve nominated you for an inspirational blog award, you can read my nomination post here: http://suzysu.wordpress.com/2013/03/13/very-inspiring-blogger-award/

    • Thank you so much I am honored!

      • You’re welcome; I really enjoy your blog.

  120. I have nominated your blog for a Versatile Blogger Award! Details here: http://sarahryan85.wordpress.com/2013/03/21/a-liebster-and-versatile-blogger-award/

  121. I love these letters. Waht a precious treasure of the past and of your family you have. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! It really means a lot to hear it and I know Dad is looking down from above smiling!

  122. Just noticed your “like” on one of my World War II “Newspaper Heroes on the Air” http://jheroes.com articles about the dramatized lives of journalists. Thank you! And compliments to you (and your father) for getting his story down on paper, in photos and now on the Web. Here’s a salute from my dad: http://www.stepno.com/oldblog/2003/11/11.html

    • Keep up the great work fascinating post! I never knew I would learn so much about WWII by reading and sharing these letters. I just want to keep the whole Yoo Hoo Regiment remembered, not only my dad but all the men he served with.

  123. A late thank you for visiting my blog and liking it enough to follow. Other things have taken over recently, but I hope to get back to blogging soon.

    • Thanks for the return visit! I totally understand “other things.”

  124. I’m so glad to have found your blog today. I have always enjoyed reading personal letters from WWII but I never thought to search online for the blogs that might have them. I also like to read memoirs by those who lived through that time (my dad served in WWII also). Thank you for sharing these I will come back and read them all.

    • I am so glad you found me also. I hope you come back as Dad wrote a lot to share!

  125. I recognize those area pics…I am a desert rat, er, I mean MOUSE, myself. I live a bit more south of you, though. Many of my stories take place from a time when I lived and worked up in the Indian Wells Valley region, which really grew on me…not as many folks as here in the desert of LA county.
    I tripped over your site by happy accident…will surely be visiting again. We both share great respect for that greatest generation that came before…and the love they had for our country. Hope you’ll pop by to see us, too.

    • Ah yes when you meet another desert rat/person hearts bond. People don’t understand the draw and I am ok with that. We live pretty rural here. And yes I certainly have a soft spot for Dad’s generation. I am on my way over to take a look at your site.

  126. I’m glad our paths have crossed here. I look forward to reading more.

    • Thanks for stopping by and following! Please enjoy my blog and if you have any questions feel free to ask. I have been away for a week sorry for the late response!

  127. Hi Nancy ! I’m happy to have found your blog. I find it very interesting. I remember your dad as a very quiet man. However, he was instrumental in getting me one of my first jobs.
    I don’t remember him ever talking about his war experiences and so your blog is very interesting to me, as I can sort of relate having served in the Army for 24 years.
    Thank you for sharing a part of him I never knew about.


    • Hi Rudy, Thanks for your nice comment. Are you one of the Gomez’s that lived across the street from their house? I don’t remember him talking about the war either. That is why the letters are so amazing. It showed ME a side of dad I never knew. Thank you so much for your service and God Bless!


  128. Fascinating blog. Glad to discover your blog. I love the letters and the tribute to your father and his life as a soldier. Great idea!

    Please do stop by and take a peek at our blog …



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